Everything That Used To Weigh Me Down

by Stillframe

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released March 9, 2014



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Stillframe Cooper City, Florida

We play pop-punk.
We're not corny, though.
Philz Club.

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Track Name: Plainsboro
You're drowning with everything that used to weigh me down
Track Name: Stagnant
Pacing back and forth through my room, these walls are starting to give up. Break the awkward silence to exercise these damaged cords with something soothing.

All the things that I can’t say, they’ve been locked and washed away. I said goodbye as my thoughts left the bay. You’ve been reduced to a mere message in a bottle that I’m throwing away.

Waking up to thoughts of you makes me feel like I still have work to do, bouncing back from all the solitude. I thought I needed sleep, and promises that I couldn’t seem to keep to get me on my feet again.

It’s been four years, I’m so tired of singing about you. You know that I hate the way you always drop my name. You’ll always stay the same, you’re miserable and hating all the things that never went your way.
Track Name: San Antonio
I’ll recount my steps, I can’t hold my breath. I’m a fish out of water, but I’ll never falter. Save me from myself.
A sleeper, a moper, these words will choke her. Contained in my head, I’ll maintain it sober. Erase what I have felt.

Why do I always choke when I could scream the words you wrote? Won’t you leave me here to wonder on my own?

Not like this, I need a way to overcome this clenching fist. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. I used to be everything to you. I used to be the spark to set you off. Now, I’ve been reduced to nothing but a phone call that you can’t even finish yourself.

Left me unsuspected while shit’s going under. While things are okay, I still can’t help but wonder. How long did you know?
Track Name: The Longest Year
you always said i never knew about the impact i’ve come to make on everyone around me. well, if i was so important, then why do i always seem to let you down? we’re not as good as we were back then.
I’m not good enough for you, you’re never there because you’ve got better things to do.

well, i guess this is closure, or maybe realization. you’re drowning with everything that used to weigh me down, you’re sinking to the bottom.
remember when you said i had everything you’d need to stay in this god forsaken town? But you left without a trace, nothing to show but empty space, and now all i have left of you is a fading memory.

if you could look at me now, i bet you would be proud of yourself for driving me six feet into the ground.